Keeping your online casino experience fresh


If you’re a seasoned gambler you’ll probably find that your online casino experience may occasionally feel a little stale if you play the same game at the same casino time and time again. While it is tempting to hop from one casino to another chasing one casino promotion or a new welcome bonus offer, this doesn’t do much for your loyalty standing and could mean that you lose out on a variety of benefits.

That said though, don’t think that you are confined to the boredom you may have been experiencing, there are a number of ways that you can spice up your online casino experience and keep things fresh and interesting every time you play. Here we’ll look at a few ways to do just that.

Try a new game

This may seem obvious and it is but many people are creatures of habit and never stray from their preferred casino game. Deviating from your comfort zone and trying something new can actually be a rewarding experience.

Even if you’d prefer not to play a different type of game than what you’re used to, try out a different variant, you’ll be surprised at how exciting small changes can be.

If you are intimidated by the thought of trying out a new game for real money, remember that you can play all casino games in free play mode so that you can practice until you feel comfortable enough to wager your hard earned cash.

Play at a Live Dealer version of your favorite casino

Instead of playing at a new casino altogether when you’re feeling bored with your current one, why not check out their Live Dealer Casino. Live Dealer casino games add an entirely new element of social interaction to your casino experience as you interact with both the dealer and other players during games so you get a brand new outlook while still remaining loyal to your favourite casino and accumulating loyalty points within the same program…it’s a double win!

Try out the chat function within games

Some games offer a built in chat function which means that you can interact with other player across the globe that are playing the same game as you play. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy gambling while making friends and can add a social element to games making them even more enjoyable.

Look out for regular promotions

Many players have a separate e-mail account for their online casino memberships and often don’t check these inboxes frequently. If this is the case with you, make an effort to check your inbox as you may be missing out on some regular promotional offers and giveaways.

If you’ve never participated in a casino promotion, other than accepting your welcome bonus, now is the time to do so! Online casinos go to great lengths to come up with exciting events and offers that will add value to your gaming time.

Play in a tournament

Adding a competitive element to your game play by participating in a tournament can really add to the excitement of it. Online casinos offer a variety of regular and promotional slots, blackjack and video poker tournaments where you can compete with other players for a spot on the Leaderboard.